School Charging Policy

The Board of Education of the Corinth Central School District recognizes the importance of providing a nutritious meal to students in the most cost effective manner.  From time to time, situations arise when a students’ account may be lacking enough funds to purchase a meal and it is necessary for the student to “charge” (receive meal without payment). 

Guidelines for charging

  • Adult charging is prohibited
  • Students may not purchases a la carte items while their account has a negative balance
  • All students will be allowed to charge 3 meals and will receive their meal of choice.
  • At no time will the student be notified at the register that their meal account is lacking funds.  All communications will be directed to the parent or guardian.
  • In support of age appropriate responsibility, a student may inquire about their account balance at any time
  • After charging 3 meals, the Food Service Director will make 2 attempts to contact a parent or guardian using the following methods-
    • Notify the parent/guarding by phone call, leaving messages when possible
    • Weekly written notice sent home
    • Automated school communication system
  • The availability of a Free or Reduced meal application will be communicated on the school website, monthly menus and during verbal and written communications with the parent/guardian. The Food Service Director will offer to assist the parent/guardian as needed in filling out a Free or Reduced Meal Application.
  • The availability and benefits of the school meal payment system offered by the cafeteria will be advertised by the Food Service Director through the school website, monthly menu and written and verbal parent/guardian communications.
  • If the students’ cafeteria account hasn’t received payment and the student requires additional meals, the matter will be turned over to;
    • Students’ School Principal
      • The Principals office will contact the parent/guardian
      • The Principals office may request the School Liaison to intervene to determine other household factors

Communication of Charge Policy

The Districts Meal Charge policy and procedures will be distributed to all households and applicable staff in writing at the start of each school year and to new households that transfer into the District during the school year.  The District will also provide payment methods on its website.

Unpaid Charges and Debt Collection

  • If unpaid account balances occur:
    • The nonprofit school food service account shall not absorb the loss from writing off the debt
    • Funds from other non-federal sources shall repay the school food service fund for uncollected debt including;
      • funds from the school’s general fund
      • donations or grants provided by community organizations or individuals
      • food service revenue from activities not funded through the non-profit school food service account

Please contact us if you have any questions:
Mrs. Lisa Tevendale
(518) 654-9005 x3114