Special Education

The Corinth Central School District is committed to identifying and evaluating all students with disabilities in the district who may need support services to ensure their success in their educational program. Corinth strives to provide appropriate educational programs and services to meet all students’ needs. 

Federal and State regulations additionally prescribe procedures to be followed with students who have disabilities. Even without laws mandating these programs, the school district recognizes its responsibility to reach out to students who have special needs. 

Special education services are provided under the direction of the Director of Special Education. Before students referred to the Committee on Special Education or 504 Committee, the Instructional Support Team ensures that all general education resources are utilized. The team collects data and considers all findings and makes recommendations.

To obtain assistance in understanding the special education or 504 process and your rights as a parent of a student with a disability, contact Jill Cheney-Bovee, Special Education Director at (518) 654-9005 ext. 3441. For your convenience there are links with information regarding the CSE/504 process. 

Jill Cheney-Bovee, Special Ed Director, CPSE/CSE Chairperson, 504 Coordinator