Strategic Plan

It is the goal of the Corinth Central School District to provide for our students the skills, aptitudes, and attitudes necessary to be successful in whatever they choose to do following graduation, and indeed, throughout their lives.

Over several months during the winter of 2007 and into the spring of 2008, staff and community members developed a strategic plan that articulates our beliefs, provides a mission for the district, and the parameters that will govern our decisions. It establishes the goals we will pursue and the strategies that will help us accomplish these goals.

We invite you to read and become familiar with the Corinth Central School Strategic Plan, posted in its entirety below.

I. Introduction

It is the goal of the Corinth Central School District to provide for our students the skills, aptitudes and attitudes necessary to be successful in whatever they choose to do following graduation, and indeed, throughout their lives.

Over several months during the winter of 2007 and into the spring of 2008, staff and community members developed a strategic plan that articulates our beliefs, provides a mission for the district and the parameters that will govern our decisions, establishes the goals we will pursue, and the strategies that will help us accomplish this. We reviewed the plan again in September 2017, thereby updating our progress and making necessary changes.

We recognized that education is always evolving, therefore it is paramount that our instructional model meets such demands.

The administration and Board of Education approved the changes recommended by the administration in the Spring of 2018. The entire school community is committed to the continued success of our students.

II. Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Everyone is created with value and should be treated with respect.
  • Strong families create strong communities.
  • All community members share the responsibility to model respect, integrity, compassion and honesty.
  • A sense of belonging and connection fosters hope, confidence, growth and happiness.
  • All individuals must be prepared to live and work in a diverse world.
  • Technological advancement, economic growth and respect for the environment can co-exist.
  • A changing world requires life long learning.

III. Mission statement

The mission of the Corinth Central School District, located at the gateway to the Adirondacks, is to spark lifelong curiosity in every student through inspired teaching that builds on the strengths of each student and creative partnerships so that our graduates excel in a rapidly changing world.

IV. The following parameters will govern our decision making

  • We will always base our decisions on our core values.
  • We will always consider both student needs and the fiscal needs of our community in our decision-making.
  • We will always remember that Corinth Central School is an integral part of the community.

V. These are our objectives

  • All students entering grade 9 beginning in 2017 will earn a diploma with their cohort.
  • By June 2018, all students will demonstrate that they can effectively utilize technology in their learning environments.
  • By June 2018, 100% of our graduates will be prepared for college, a career, or military service.
  • By June of 2018, 100% of our graduates will develop the qualities, characteristics and skills necessary to be successful and responsible citizens.

VI. These are our district goals that will help us accomplish our objectives

  • Promote excellence through a rigorous, relevant, challenging, and innovative educational program for all students.
  • Provide a safe and orderly learning environment that promotes the success of all students and ensures that district facilities meet the needs of our school and community.
  • Support the utilization of technology to facilitate curriculum innovation, differentiation, remediation, collaboration, and communications within the school community. • Sustain a fiscally responsible budget that prioritizes student programming and school safety.
  • Establish and maintain community partnerships to create optimal learning conditions for each student.
  • Improve communication and customer service at all levels and throughout the district and community

VII. Action plans were proposed by the five teams that addressed each of these strategies

A. Curriculum

We will ensure that the K-12 curriculum accurately reflects the skills and knowledge needed to prepare our students to contribute and excel in a rapidly changing world.

  • The District will maintain an integrated K-12 curriculum that empowers students to use their knowledge and skills to solve problems to become contributing members of society.
  • The District will sustain a K-12 curriculum that prepares every student for success. More specifically, every student will be challenged with an appropriate curriculum, ensuring that they graduate college and career ready.
  • The District will develop a P-16 Education Plan that meets the needs of each individual student, including a Guidance Plan that monitors their progress and interests.
  • The District will develop complementary K-12 supportive curriculum components that will help students develop communication, collaboration, and analytical skills.
  • The District will maintain a curriculum that integrates technology into all aspects of the students learning environment, and emphasizes the skills necessary to ensure students are confident in engaging with ever changing technology

B. Professional development

We will engage and empower the entire staff in implementing our mission and objectives through professional development.

  • Focus on teachers as central to student learning, yet include all other members of the school community.
  • Address the needs of all students (classified and non-classified by the CSE) across all curricular areas.
  • Respect and nurture the intellectual and leadership capacity of teachers, principals and others in the school community.
  • Incorporate the best available research and practice in teaching, learning and leadership.
  • Enable teachers to develop further expertise in subject content, teaching strategies, uses of technology and other essential elements in teaching to high standards. • Embed the spirit of academic inquiry and improvement intrinsic to student achievement.
  • Plan, participate and facilitate professional development in a collaborative manner.
  • Dedicate substantial time and other resources for professional development.
  • Evaluate professional development on the basis of its impact on teacher effectiveness as it relates to student achievement.
  • Create a customized plan appropriate to the needs of our school district.
  • Provide teacher mentoring for teachers new to the district (see Teacher Mentor Program).
  • Make decisions consistent with the SED – (ex. APPR Plan)

C. School - Community

We will energize the community to participate in the mission of Corinth Central School District by improving communication with our residents.

  • Community Information Event, celebrating what our community is, highlighting what it has to offer, and encouraging students to take part in their community. This informational event will take place in the schools.
  • Continuing Education will expand the use of our facilities and offer enrichment opportunities for the community.
  • Community Calendar, to help establish a centralized calendar to be utilized by the school and the community to post events. This action plan would create a central repository for all things Corinth.
  • Community/School Spirit is an action plan revolving around having the school become more involved in community events

D. School - Community partnerships

We will initiate partnerships throughout the community to assist in the attainment of district objectives.

  • Develop a means to coordinate the many existing partnerships and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Seek partnerships that will facilitate universal internet availability
  • Invite community volunteers to be guest speakers
  • All students will have access to Preschool Education
  • Promote college credit courses and programs for our students
  • Promote career and technical education programs
  • Continue to develop partnerships with colleges and universities
  • Continue to provide internship and shadowing experiences

E. Service to the community

We will energize and engage our students in their learning, extracurricular activities and service to the community.

  • The District will encourage involvement in extracurricular activities for all students and seek ways to overcome the barriers to becoming involved
  • The student, parent, and District will enter into a “Diploma Contract” whereby all are committed to securing a diploma with their cohort
  • The District and students will make available to the community their respective resources and talents.