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The mission of the Corinth Central School District, located at the gateway to the Adirondacks, is to spark lifelong curiosity in every student through inspired teaching that builds on the strengths of each student and creative partnerships so that our graduates excel in a rapidly changing world.

Next Week's Board Meeting is Cancelled. The next meeting is April 21.»

March 31, 2020
07:00 PM HS Foreign Language Induction Ceremony--Postponed
Please update your calendars with this new date.
Latest News
Corinth Is Community

Corinth Is Community t-shirts for $15 to support our community!

Stewart’s Shops supports Corinth families in Need

FREE gift certificates for gallons of milk

NEWS from Food Service Director

Changes to meal service schedule. PLEASE READ.

HRCCU Supports CCS During Time of Need

HRCCU donated 900 insulated bags to Corinth's Food Service Program.

NYS Grades 3-8 Exams Suspended for Remainder of School Year

The New York State Board of Regents and state Education Department announced Friday, March 20...

Childcare Needs for Essential Healthcare Workers

Please contact us if you are an essential healthcare worker and need childcare assistance.

Public Health Message From Saratoga County

PSA from Saratoga County Office of Public Health

March 17: Letter from Superintendent

COVID-19 update and other important information from Superintendent Stratton.

Corinth CSD Feeds Community's Kids

Free to-go meals for Corinth students Monday-Friday from 9-10 a.m.

March 15: NEW Information & Guidance

Please Read: Information about free meals, school work, etc.

Classes Cancelled March 16-April 17

We are following the advice of the CDC with support from the County of Saratoga and are cancelling classes from Monday, March 16 to Friday, April 20.

After-school activities & large group events cancelled

Letter from Superintendent regarding preventive steps to minimize spread of illness.

Mosca Receives Teen Excellence Award & Scholarship

Congratulations to Corinth High School student Jovanni Mosca!

Coronavirus Update from CDC & NYS

Updated information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from the Centers for Disease Control and the Governor's Office.

Non-profit Agency Partners with Corinth School District

Transitional Services Association (TSA) has partnered with Corinth Central School District to provide Youth Care Management services with a physical p

Interested in Running for the Board of Education? Petitions Due April 20

There will be one seat up open on the Corinth Board of Education at the May 19 annual election.

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Right now at our school
FAQ on Legislation Removing Non-Medical Exemptions from School Vaccination Requirements
On June 13, 2019, Governor Cuomo signed legislation removing non-medical exemptions from school vaccination requirements for children. The United States is currently experiencing the worst outbreak of measles in more than 25 years, with outbreaks in pockets of New York primarily driving the crisis. As a result of non-medical vaccination exemptions, many communities across New York have unacceptably low rates of vaccination, and those unvaccinated children can often attend school where they may spread the disease to other unvaccinated students, some of whom cannot receive vaccines due to medical conditions. This new law will help protect the public amid this ongoing outbreak.
You Have the Power to Prevent Child Abuse
You do not need proof of child abuse or maltreatment to make a report, you only need to think that it has happened or that a child is at risk of being abused or maltreated. Your call to the Child Abuse Hotline is confidential. The family you report will not be told you made the report unless you say it is ok for them to know.
Pesticide Notification
New York State Education Law Section 409-H, effective July 1, 2001, requires all public and non-public elementary and secondary schools to provide written notification to all persons in parental relation, faculty, and staff regarding the potential use of pesticides periodically throughout the school year.
Lead Water Testing
On Sept. 6, 2016, Governor Cuomo signed legislation to require all public schools in New York State to test all potable water sources for lead. These sources include drinking fountains and sinks in classrooms, restrooms, kitchens, and outlying buildings.