HS Entrance

August 24, 2022

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope that you all had a relaxing summer break and are eager to return to school.  I was able to do a little camping, go to the beach with my family, tackle a home improvement project or two and spend a lot of time outdoors with friends and family.  I am feeling refreshed and excited to see our halls full of students again soon. 

After a few years of uncertainty, I hope this year takes on a more traditional feel for everyone.  As a faculty, we are going to do everything we can to make sure each day is intellectually stimulating for everyone of our students.  One of our major areas of focus this year will be on academic achievement.  We want to make sure that each student challenges themselves every day, efficiently using their time at school learning and engaging with their teachers and classmates. 

Back to school information:  

  • First day of classes Wednesday, September 7th

  • First period begins at 8:02 am this year and the school day ends at 2:42 pm

  • Chromebooks will be issued the first week of school (freshman will get them at orientation on 8/31)

  • Schedules will be available through the ESD portal on August 31

  • School supplies vary by teacher/subject and will be communicated on the first day of class

  • Class assemblies will be held the first week of school

  • All students will receive a copy of the student handbook on the first day of classes

  • Attendance is an extremely important part of success, be at school on time each day

  • Our freshman/new student orientation will be on Wednesday August 31st, starting at 9:00 am in the auditorium  

  • All students in grades 10 -12 are welcome to stop in anytime between 10:00 am - 2:00 pm on August 31st to get yourself reacquainted with the building

  • For the past two years, we have enjoyed serving all of our students meals at no cost through a federal aid program.  This funding ended in June 2022, and we can no longer serve free meals to every student during the 2022-2023 school year.  To determine eligibility, families should fill out the Free And Reduced Price Meal Application included in this packet

While doing your back to school shopping, please keep in mind the school dress code which helps maintain a safe and respectful learning environment.  Dress code reminders:  No hats, hoods, bandanas, tube tops, clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, or violence, and undergarments and midriffs must be fully covered at all times.  The full dress code can be found in the student handbook on the high school website.

One of the largest challenges we continue to face is the appropriate use of technology, specifically cell phones and social media.  Students are reminded that cell phones and earbuds are not to be used in classes and photographing/videoing anyone is strictly prohibited. Parents please do your part by monitoring your child's social media and phone usage.

Major Changes

If you have driven by the school over the last few weeks you have probably noticed the cement trucks.  They have been finishing the asbestos abatement project, which is the precursor to the major construction for the Capital Project.  That project is scheduled to begin the week of September 19th.  Most of the work will be done throughout this school year on the Oak Street campus.  The vast majority of this work is scheduled to be after school hours, but some construction may need to occur during the day.  Below are some of the major items and adjustments that we will encounter:

  • Beginning September 19th, the high school parking lot will be closed for the rest of the year, as this will serve as an active construction site

  • Staff will be parking on the streets around campus.  Students that drive to school should expect to be parking further away and plan appropriately

  • The main entrance to the High School will be closed from approximately September 19th  - February 1st.  All students and visitors will have to enter the building through the middle school entrance

  • The auditorium will be inaccessible  from September 19th through the rest of the year, as it undergoes demolition and reconstruction

  • Access to the HS gym for sporting events will be through the Middle School

  • The High School gym roof is scheduled to be replaced this fall and the work will be done during school hours.  When this is occurring, the gym will be closed and our PE classes will use alternate locations for class

  • Classrooms and bathrooms will be closed off at various times throughout the year as they are remodeled.  These areas will be clearly marked and are inaccessible  to everyone while the work is being done


While the inconveniences that occur during construction over the next two years are substantial, the end product will be well worth it.  This is an exciting time for our school and community as we continue to look towards the future.

The entire staff is excited for the school year to begin.  We look forward to working with you on making this a positive and productive year.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the high school office for assistance.  


Eric Schenone

High School Principal